Zendesk User Group Chapter Request


Have a suggestion for a User Group you'd like to see?

Complete this form to request a new Zendesk User Group Chapter!

We won't be able to accommodate every request, but we'll do our best. If you know other folks who would be interested in the chapter you're suggesting, be sure to have them complete the form, too, as we gauge interest in a group by the responses here.

Zendesk User Groups are customer led and organized meetings. If your new chapter request is accepted, the Zendesk Community Team will be on contact with you and will help assist in the creation of this chapter.

Questions? Email community@zendesk.com and a member of Zendesk's Community Team will follow up soon.

Thanks for your interest in User Groups!

Your email will NOT be used for marketing purposes or added to any other contact lists. But we do need a way to reach you to let you know if and when your group goes live!

Group Leaders coordinate in-person and/or virtual events once per quarter for your group, and be the point person for the Zendesk Community Team. Identifying a Group Leader is necessary before we can launch a new user group chapter, so your request is more likely to be accepted if a Group Leader is already confirmed. Group Leaders also get some incredible perks and benefits!

You CAN nominate yourself! However, if you're nominating someone else, please share their name and email address.