Community Manager User Group - March 2024 - Explore Reporting Info, Tips & Q&A

Mar 14, 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Calling all data nerds! Data is king when it comes the measuring the success of a community. With Community (Gather) data in Explore, many of us like-minded community professionals are eager to show off our goods. In this meeting, we'll dig deeper into what's available, how we use it, share tips on what we've gleaned so far, and ask some questions too.


About this event

It seems too there are as many methods as there are data points when it comes to what metrics are best to report on when it comes to communities. And the tools, let's not forget the tools! 

In this meetup, we are joining forces with the Reporting and Analytics User Group led by Amanda Oka as we discuss Explore and how teams are using this tool today to gather (pun intended) their community data, analyze it, and ultimately share it out to stakeholders. We'll take time to share any tricks of the trade and answer questions too. 

We look forward to this great conversation and learning opportunity. See you there!


  • Amanda Oka


    Technical Admin


  • Mike Davis


    Community Leader

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