About User Groups

Create Community Where You Are

User Groups are built for users, by users. Groups are all about bringing great minds together

to swap knowledge, and make a few friends along the way.


Find Groups to Join

User Groups are gatherings hosted for users, by users. They’re all about bringing great minds together to swap knowledge and make a few friends along the way.

People who use or are interested in learning about Zendesk can join user groups based on location, role, or subject area, and you can join more than one group. Groups are run by volunteers who regularly plan events and meetups for their chapter. Events may be in-person, virtual, or hybrid, depending on the preferences and needs of the individual group.

The goal is to help you meet and get to know other Zendesk users who have the same kinds of questions that you do, so that you can learn from one another. Learn how to use Zendesk better, learn how other people do the things you’re trying to do, and build your network. Win-win-win.


What to expect when you join a group

When you join a group (or “chapter”), you’ll be added to the list to receive notifications when that group has an event. You may join as many groups as you wish.


What a group event is like

Most events will have a specific topic for discussion, and there may be a guest speaker. There will always be an opportunity at the event for you to ask questions and network with other attendees. Group events are focused on learning and connections, so sales pitches and marketing are strongly discouraged and will not be a primary part of the conversation.


What is expected of you

There are no requirements for group members, but we encourage you to go to a couple of events and try to ask a question or share something with other participants there.


Find a group for you

Don’t see a group that matches who you want to connect to? Have a suggestion for a group? You can fill out the group suggestion form and when we have a few people interested in the topic, we’ll get that group going!