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User Group Leaders: What, Who, Why, How


What is a Group Leader?

Group Leaders help make the magic happen.

Group Leaders are responsible for their User Group chapter, which is an evolving community of Zendesk users who share common interests, job roles, or geographies. Whatever unites the group, and wherever they’re based, Zendesk is there to support and empower Group Leaders to lead their chapter. If you join the program, you’ll learn a lot about group management and event planning, and you’ll get to know the wider Zendesk Community team and other Group Leaders from around the world.


Who would make a good Group Leader?

Group Leaders are organized, motivated, and committed to building supportive spaces where people can learn and grow together. They should also be:


What’s expected of you as a Group Leader?

A Group Leader acts as an extension of Zendesk and is incredibly important to the Zendesk Community Team. Some of your responsibilities will include: 


Why should you become a Group Leader? 

Everyone loves perks. We’re committed to making sure our voluntary Group Leaders get the most out of the program. Here are a few things you can look forward to:


How can I become a Group Leader?

Easy. Complete the application below to get started.


Get in touch with the Zendesk Community team (community@zendesk.com) if you have questions. They’re a friendly bunch, and there to support you at every step of your Group Leader journey.


We're looking to launch user groups based on geographical region/city, interest (retail, healthcare, etc.), or role (job title and responsibilities).

If you selected Region, let us know where below. If you selected Industry, what industry? If you selected Interest, what interest?

We'll be launching virtual to start but select all that apply.

All User Group events are decided by the User Group Leader.